Garden Sprouts

This year I plan to grow my garden in three phases: early spring, hot weather, early-late fall. Last week my very handy partner and I tilled the garden plot and planted rows of red potatoes, peas, green beans, lima beans, spinach, garlic, leeks, romaine lettuce, blue-green broccoli, carrots, beets and radishes. Last year I built … Continue reading

Spring Has Arrived!

Spring has arrived here in Southern California. The air is fragrant with blossoms and everywhere there’s a constant low hum from the buzzing honey bees hard at work. Mavis, one of my hens, has gone broody, and I expect a few more will puff up and start making the constant low clucking sounds that signal … Continue reading

Easter Ribeye Roast

Easter Ribeye Roast

Happy Easter everybody. I love holidays for many reasons, but I especially love holidays that come with the expectation of a delicious roast dinner. This year I decided to try out a ribeye roast. Ribeye steak is one of my favorites, second only to T-bone. The succulent fat keeps the meat moist during cooking, and … Continue reading

Joshua Tree and Barbed Wire

Joshua Tree and Barbed Wire

Joshua Trees are a type of yucca plant native to the Southwestern US, but found mainly in my native Mojave Desert. I think they’re one the most dramatic parts of our landscape. Here is a particularly beautiful tree with some ancient barbed wire from long-ago ranching days, and my partner, Michael.

Let It Snow…

… Or as we say in Southern California, “What is that white stuff falling from the sky?!” We had a bit of Christmas snow this year. A bit as in 10 minutes of pretty large flakes. It was a Christmas miracle! This very well could be our only brush with snow this winter, so I … Continue reading