Parliament Hill Farmer’s Market in Photos

This way to the farmers’ market!

Picture Real Food is currently in London, spending time in a variety of farmers’ markets, talking to small farmers and growers and researching real-food recipes.

In lieu of a recipe post, here are some photos from Parliament Hill Farmers’ Market in North London on the beautiful 790 acre expanse of Hampstead Heath. Parliament Hill Farmers’ Market is part of the London Farmers’ Markets organization started by Nina Planck, who grew up selling a variety of produce at farmers markets in Virginia. LFM now organizes about 20 farmers markets all across London.

Stay tuned for a variety of recipes coming soon: leg of lamb with herbed butter and wine, New York steak with fresh oregano and garlic; warming garbanzo bean, garlic and cabbage soup; bacon, garlic and basil stuffed eggplant on a bed of caramelized zucchini; carrot, cumin and coriander soup, and much more!

Parliament Hill Farmers’ Market

Doggy daycare outside the market

Tempting zucchini salad and desserts.

Free range eggs from happy chickens.

Squirrel pie, OMG!

Pies galore.

Shoppers start young in London.

Pliny’s Spelt Bread.

Purple cauliflower: calling all antioxidants!

A constant long line at the sausage stand.

Merengues and cakes with fresh berries.

“Apples, Mummy! Apples!”

Powder Blue Blueberries at the berry stand.

The friendly fishmonger at your service!

Scallops, lobster and clams, oh my!

So many fish, so little time…

Flour Station breads smell so good!

Crown of pumpkin and other colorful squashes.

Just on the other side of the market is Swain’s Lane and St. Anne’s Church.

Purple carrots? Why yes, please.

Hard, tangy goat cheese.

Isle of Wight tomato stand.

Heirloom tomatoes from the Isle of Wight.

Celeriac = the root of the celery plant = delicious.

Perfect circle petals.

Carrots, parsnips, shallots and more.

Partridges, game burgers, venison sausages and wild duck.

Khol Rabi and friends.

Bramley apples.

Chegworth Valley juices.

Marinated goat cheese.

Proud pumpkin.

London skyline from the Heath.


10 thoughts on “Parliament Hill Farmer’s Market in Photos

  1. Wow! I love every single thing about the farmer’s market. It is extraordinary and people are so lucky to experience it in their lifetime! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. I feel as if I am there : )

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