Joshua Tree and Barbed Wire

Joshua Tree and Barbed Wire

Joshua Trees are a type of yucca plant native to the Southwestern US, but found mainly in my native Mojave Desert. I think they’re one the most dramatic parts of our landscape. Here is a particularly beautiful tree with some ancient barbed wire from long-ago ranching days, and my partner, Michael.

Let It Snow…

… Or as we say in Southern California, “What is that white stuff falling from the sky?!” We had a bit of Christmas snow this year. A bit as in 10 minutes of pretty large flakes. It was a Christmas miracle! This very well could be our only brush with snow this winter, so I … Continue reading

Daddy’s Little Helper

Daddy’s Little Helper

Happy New Year to everyone from PRF! My brother caught Lois closely inspecting my Dad’s work yesterday. She gave a thorough investigation from below, then flew up to the work bench to inspect from above. He felt the pressure, but eventually she gave her approval and hopped down to dig for worms.