Let It Snow…

… Or as we say in Southern California, “What is that white stuff falling from the sky?!” We had a bit of Christmas snow this year. A bit as in 10 minutes of pretty large flakes. It was a Christmas miracle!

This very well could be our only brush with snow this winter, so I grabbed my camera and tried to make the best of it.

Snowy Strawberries and Lavender

My chickens were huddled together under one of their trees, peeking out at the snow flakes falling around them.

Snowy Chickens

The Last of This Season's Pears + Snowflakes

Rosemary and Snow

While Jet bounded after me wherever I went, Bindi pretty much stayed under any overhang she could find. She’s just not made for cold weather or really any weather pattern, winter or not.

Some Puppies Were Not Built For Snow


18 thoughts on “Let It Snow…

  1. Oh, so pretty, Marisa! Love, love, love the pics — they made me smile and sigh longingly =)

    Where in Southern Cali are you? Being a transplanted Northeasterner, I have a special, soft place in my heart for the white stuff (as long as I don’t have to shovel it) 😉 My husband and I will be moving to San Diego in July and though I can’t wait for the sunshine, I will miss the snow (however brief and infrequent)! But, by the looks of it, I may not have to miss it for long =)

    BTW, what kind are your chickens? Are they Orpingtons of the buff kind? I have a mild obsession with owning a 3 hen flock of them someday, so am living vicariously!


    • Hi Christina! Yes, they’re Buff Orpintons. I LOVE them (probably a little more than is reasonable). I have my eye out for Lavender Orpingtons, but they’re a little harder to come by. My 12 little hens generate a lot of eggs — sometimes 12-14 a day, so 3 is a safer number I think. We keep our family and neighbors in full supply. We’re just north-east of Los Angeles in the Mojave Desert. We’re considered a high-elevation desert (about 2100 ft), so we’ll get snowfall every so often. San Diego is so beautiful, but I think the stories of snow there are mostly urban legend. 🙂 But you’ll get tons of lovely sun!

      • Thanks for the 411, Marisa =) Huh, LAVENDER Orpingtons … never heard of them! Now I’m intrigued! Have you come across any? Ooh, and lucky neighbors to have such a great hen mama like you living next door, with hens that lay so many delicious eggs =) Speaking of which, do you find that your girls go broody often? I am not quite at the stage where I can get hens, but I am researching and just trying to decide on breeds. I’ve heard that Orpingtons are sweeties but had a tendency to go broody — has this been a problem for you? What made you decide on the breed?

        • I once had a Rooster named Rusty…
          But he met with his end because he was quite aggressive (he was also sexist and would only attack women), and couldn’t quite decipher the difference between 6am and 2am when it came to waking us up, neighbors and all. But while he was here, fertilizing away, I allowed three of my hens to go broody and raise chicks. Only one of them absolutely refused to do anything but sit on eggs. The rest seem to forget broodiness as long as the eggs are collected and out of sight. I have some helpful neighbors who own a farm supply store, and their favorite chickens are Orpingtons. I’m glad I took their advice because they are SO friendly, not very aggressive with each other and produce more eggs than I know what to do with!

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