Joshua Tree and Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire and Joshua Tree

Joshua Trees are a type of yucca plant native to the Southwestern US, but found mainly in my native Mojave Desert. I think they’re one the most dramatic parts of our landscape. Here is a particularly beautiful tree with some ancient barbed wire from long-ago ranching days, and my partner, Michael.

Michael and the Desert

Joshua Tree and Barbed Wire


9 thoughts on “Joshua Tree and Barbed Wire

  1. We had Joshua Trees in our yard when we lived in Southern California, just north of Joshua Tree. If you have the misfortune to run into a Joshua Tree, it feels just like barbed wire. The leaves are more like thick, hard, sharp spines. Great pictures! I miss seeing the storm/clouds coming up over the mountains.

    • Well! You’re missing out on the best part! 😉 Ok, ok, I’ll admit that San Francisco is pretty beautiful. California has most every landscape. You can’t beat driving up the coast, but I also love our Central California wine valleys. Next trip!

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