Spring Has Arrived!

Spring has arrived here in Southern California. The air is fragrant with blossoms and everywhere there’s a constant low hum from the buzzing honey bees hard at work. Mavis, one of my hens, has gone broody, and I expect a few more will puff up and start making the constant low clucking sounds that signal a wanna-be mama.

Sprouts of potatoes, peas, beans, spinach, radishes, lettuce and broccoli are just beginning to break through the garden bed, and I’m still waiting for the carrots and beets. These are all early spring crops that do well in colder weather, though I’m happy to say it’s gloriously warm.

Here are some photos of the flowery goings-on at our homestead. Hope your spring is as fragrant and sunny as ours.

Butterfly and Lilac

Flowering Clover


Jet's aglow


Lilac Tree

Honey Bee and Lilacs




Simplicity Rose

Sea of Blue and Green

Tulips and Wagon Wheel


6 thoughts on “Spring Has Arrived!

  1. Not going green with envy – repeat 99 more times. Gosh, it’s so cold here! And those photos are just so beautiful. I do love Lilac, and the smell of it. And you have Irises in full bloom already. I used to love gardening, to the extent I use to do that professionally.

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