Dr. Catherine Shanahan

Photo Credit: DrCate.com

Photo Credit: DrCate.com

Dr. Catherine Shanahan is a physician in Napa Valley, CA who has written two interesting books, Deep Nutrition and Food Rules, that detail the connection between nutrition and physical well-being. Though it seems intuitive that the food we eat has direct repercussions on our bodies in various, specific ways, the populace as a whole has moved away from the nutritional traditions of our ancestors and into a faux-nutritional, glitzy-packaged, strange, new world where chemically unstable vegetable oils and toxic, addictive sugars rule.

Dr. Shanahan studied biochemistry and genetics at Cornell University, and her books explain the direct consequences modern foods have on our biology. Perhaps more pertinent however, is her description of how she cured her own chronically ailing knee by imitating the diets of some of her longest living patients who radiated health, and who pointedly ate those traditional foods we modern folks have grown unaccustomed to, and somewhat fearful of.



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