Useful Links

Kaleidoscope Carrots and TurnipsJenny McGruther’s beautiful website is devoted to traditional foods and farming. Her recipes are delicious, her photography is beautiful and her website has all sorts of great advice for the traditional eater.

Check out Dr. Cate Shanahan’s blog where she posts about food, nutrition and real-time farming politics. You can also keep up to date on her projects, including T.R.I.M., her weight loss program based on the 4 pillars of traditional eating which she outlines in her book, Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food.

FoodRenegade is a fantastic blog about traditional foods. Full of great advice and recipes, it’s a must-read.

Five Lonely Pies

Dr. Price is the grandfather of the traditional food movement. In his iconic book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, he detailed his attempt to discover the most healthy people in the world and pinpoint what they ate. In an age when travel was difficult, Dr. Price scoured the world and his findings will surprise you. The Weston A. Price foundation is devoted to spreading health through traditional foods and farming.

Baby and Baby Pumpkin

A useful website for finding real, unpasteurized milk in your area. campaigns for a consumer’s right to choose what milk they want — an especially important campaign in states like California, where farmers who provide real milk are treated like drug dealers and routinely harassed by the state and federal governments.

Speaking of governmental harassment, the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund was set up to defend small farmers raising all sorts of organic and traditional foods from over zealous government regulation. It sounds too bizarre to be real, but federal agents routinely descend on farms in raids, forcing small farmers to kill their own livestock and much more. Consider supporting their work to keep the government out of our kitchens and have a look at some of the problems they’re combating.

Grassfed Burgers and Onions

A very useful online catalog for products touted by the discoveries of Dr. Weston A. Price. Here you’ll find everything from cooking oils to sea salts to personal products to kitchen appliances. Happy shopping!

The ultimate destination for all things coconut. Tropical Traditions provides not only extra virgin coconut oil for cooking but a variety of coconut-based products. I love their face creams and lotions.


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